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Do you know where your water is coming from?
Isobrine Solutions is an Alberta based Oil and Gas service company specializing in geochemical fingerprinting of co-produced water and natural gas samples for baseline studies, hydraulic fracture evaluation, reserve allocation and out-of-zone fluid identification.

With extensive database coverage throughout the Williston and Alberta Basins, Isobrine Solution’s is uniquely positioned to help upstream oil and gas companies reduce unnecessary costs to maximize hydrocarbon production.


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Using proprietary sampling techniques and state-of-the-art analytical facilities, data is put through the most rigorous quality-controlled measures, enabling us to acquire extremely accurate diagnostic results from a wide range of water sources.
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Visit our resources page for Peer Reviewed Technical Papers on Isotope Fingerprinting.
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About Isobrine

Founded in 2004, Isobrine Solutions is a privately owned and operated Oil and Gas service company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.Isobrine was commercialized out of research conducted at the University of Alberta by Dr. Ben Rostron.
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Save Time and Money. Maximize Production.

Helping upstream oil and gas companies reduce unnecessary costs and maximize hydrocarbon production.

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