Our Services

Isobrine provides high precision analysis under exacting quality control measures ensuring top notch interpretation of geochemical data.

In order to provide the most accurate sample collection and preservation of formation fluid samples, Isobrine uses proprietary sampling techniques and state-of-the-art analytical facilities.  Data is put through the most rigorous quality-controlled programs, enabling us to acquire extremely accurate diagnostic results from a wide range of water sources – from shallow groundwaters to highly saline oilfield waters.

  • Sample Collection
  • Sample Analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Production Allocation
  • Water Flood Tracking
  • Hydrochemical Studies
  • Project Consulting
Advantages of Working With Isobrine: 
  • Privately owned Canadian owned isotope laboratory
  • 18 years’ experience in analyzing and interpreting isotopic data.
  • Committed to providing timely and accurate analyses for our customers
  • One-stop laboratory for isotopic analysis of groundwater (shallow and brines) and subsurface gases.
  • Extensive database of brine characterization for Western Canada for interpreting results.
  • Analytical instruments tuned to deal with saline water.
  • Extensive experience in analyzing deep groundwater for lithium.
  • Geological engineering interpretation of analytical results.
Problems We Provide Information to Solve:
  • Understanding the source of out-of-zone water in oil well production.
  • Baseline studies, e.g., carbon sequestration projects.
  • Lithium and helium exploration in groundwater.
  • Hydraulic fracturing evaluation.
  • Reserve allocation.
  • Environmental contamination, e.g., brine spills.
  • Orphan well investigations.
  • Surface casing vent flow investigation.

If you have enquires regarding our services, please contact us.